Welcome to our Blackheath and Halesowen Online Services

Thank you to Christine Robson for this Weeks Service

Welcome and Opening Prayer

Welcome to our morning service from The Blackheath and Halesowen Circuit.  What an appropriate theme Joseph introduced last week for our services at this present time … Trust and Obey.   Let us pray.

Oh God our Father we thank you that have made it possible for us to know and trust You through your Son and His death on the cross and resurrection. Cleanse us today from all the things we have said and done that are not pleasing to you and for all the things we have not said and done that would have pleased you.  Fill us with you Holy Spirit that we might worship and serve you in spirit and truth all the days of lives, Amen.

Bible Reading – Psalm 27


In times of trouble when his enemies were surrounding him, David found there was only one thing he could be truly confident in.   It wasn’t his popularity, it wasn’t his great skill as a leader and a soldier, although he did indeed possess those skills, it wasn’t that he had access to endless supply of physical resources to overcome his enemies, it was simply, as stated, that the Lord was his light and his salvation.

It was the light of the Lord that showed him who God was and how much he could be trusted.  It was the light of the Lord that revealed to him his own sin and shortcomings and the light of the Lord that showed him that despite this, God himself was his salvation.  Having an assurance of this he also knew absolutely that his strength also was in God, not in himself or any other person.

Knowing this amazing truth only deepened David’s desire and commitment to seek God even more, especially in times of trouble.  His mind was on God not on his enemies.  He found peace in God and wasn’t overcome with fear or despondency.  He says in verse 4 ‘ONE THING I HAVE DESIRED OF THE LORD THAT WILL I SEEK; THAT I MAY DWELL IN THE HOUSE OF THE LORD ALL THE DAYS OF MY LIFE, TO BEHOLD THE BEAUTY OF THE LORD, AND TO INQUIRE IN HIS TEMPLE’.

This experience of David’s can be ours today. 

As we find ourselves in the middle of another lockdown may be we feel a bit like David did when he was surrounded by fearsome foes.  Let’s take heart that our focus doesn’t need to be on the rising numbers of infections, a bleak economic outlook or any other worries that this pandemic is throwing up.  They are indeed real, just as David’s enemies were real, but the God of David who revealed himself fully to man in Jesus Christ is also real.   Just as he was David’s light and salvation, that same God can be ours.   As we let His light of truth shine in our hearts He can lead us to repentance and peace.  We can enter into full salvation through Jesus Christ.  Then as it says in verse 5 ‘IN THE TIME OF TROUBLE HE SHALL HIDE ME IN HIS PAVILION; IN THE SECRET PLACE OF HIS TABERNACLE.

When we feel gloomy at the news, may be a little afraid, let’s do what David did.  Let’s look upward and daily seek God’s presence.  Those who come to him sincerely and in repentance are never turned away.  He will do for us as he did for David.   He will lift up our heads and we will be able to respond to him with joy and sing His praises. (Verse 6).   We should look for and believe in the ‘goodness of Lord in the land of the living’… here and now in the midst of all that is going on and then we too will not ‘lose heart’.

So let’s do as David urges in the closing verses of this psalm, Let us:

Wait on the Lord;

Be of Good Courage,

And He shall strengthen your heart;

Wait I say on the Lord.

This is a promise from God Himself and God always, always fulfils His promises.

Prayers of Intercession

Lord we pray for all leaders and members of governments.  We pray for your mercy on our land and ask that you might grant that a spirit of sacrifice and concern for others would motivate us all to keep on doing what is right no matter how hard we may find it.

We pray for all those who work in the NHS and other care settings and other services. We pray for the managers and leaders of hospitals and wards, of the police service, of schools and churches that they will give good leadership at this time of Crisis.   We grant that however stretched they may become they will not break.   Lord Jesus as you calmed the waves in the storm that blew up on the Sea of Galilee, we ask that you might calm the storm of this pandemic also.

Lord we pray for all who are suffering physically, mentally and spiritually through the consequences of this pandemic either directly or indirectly.   We leave all those we know, to your loving care and protection.