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Minister: Rev. Peter Brown, 0121 602 3048


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Pam Cummings passed away peacefully in Mary Stevens Hospice on Sept 12th at 12.20. Pam will be sadly missed – she has been a lovely friend to so many and she is now with her Lord whom she has served faithfully. We hold Alan, Alison, Joanna and all the family in our prayers, praying that God will comfort and strengthen you all in your grief.

Ken Tivey is still having problems with his leg Following a fall his leg is not healing as it should.

Eileen Scanlon twisted her knee and this is still painful. She also has phlebitis in the same leg which is taking some time to clear up. However it does now seem to be clearing, thankfully.

Terry Green is very much better thanks to lots of TLC from Jill and family. He is talking and walking much more confidently and still has his sense of humour.  Many thanks for all the prayers and caring phone calls. Their daughter Elizabeth and husband James are hopefully buying a house in Shatterford near Kidderminster which is lovely news too as she will then only be half an hours drive away from her parents.                                                                                                                                                                                                               We hold you all in our prayers, and all of our church family who need prayer.  We pray that you will know the present of Jesus with you


Church Council has now met and come to a decision  to re-open the church for worship on Oct 4 th.

Paramount for this to happen is to have a team of volunteers, working on a rota basis, to give directional instructions and to carry out other safety requirements on the day e.g. making sure people write contact details in a register. directing people to seats, and towards one way systems etc. 

Church Council have put out a request for volunteers, asking people to contact our senior steward Maureen Stanley if you are willing to help (volunteers under the age of 70 would be  good for obvious reasons !!) Obviously the more volunteers we get the less often we will be on duty.

Contact no. 07903616171  email   (With permission) 

Heartfelt thanks to all who have looked after the church and gardens to keep them safe  for when we re-open and all who have waded through all the government guidelines. 

The Archbishop of Canterbury has posted the text below on social media following the  Government announcement regarding social interactions:

"After contact with the Government we hear that there is no change to guidance on places of worship. Worship is the work of God – not a social gathering – and gives the strength to love and serve. The increase in COVID cases is very concerning. We must follow the guidance and take all the necessary measures to keep people safe.  And let’s keep praying for everyone who is affected – those who are ill, or whose families are ill, those who are anxious, or struggling with cancelled plans and isolation. We give grateful thanks to God for the NHS and all those who work tirelessly to keep us safe." 

The Archbishop of Canterbury" 


Our Service for Sunday 13th September 2020 is now available. The video and is on our Website: and on our Facebook page at   


 Prayer Meeting 

                     WEDNESDAY FELLOWSHIP GROUP have a Prayer Meeting on Zoom                                                      on Wednesday September 16th at 7.30 pm.                                          If you’d like to join us let me know and I’ll send you the link

As lockdown eases further for many of us, we are praying that God will open up fresh opportunities to make Jesus known. Set aside time on Sunday 20th September for Prayer 2020 – praying for 20 minutes (or more) around 20:20 (8.20pm). Pray for friends, family members and colleagues. Pray for your church and your community. Pray for local, national and international leaders, that they will make wise decisions at this time. And pray that God’s love will overcome the fear that has taken root in many people’s hearts in this year.   Roy Crowne  HOPE Together's Executive Director  

HELPING HANDS.        Message Eileen  Adams or Sarah Shaw if there’s anything at all we can help with.      If you need help with shopping orders, prescription collections, or anything maybe just a friendly voice, message :-    tel: 01562 885721                                                                                                                                      More News                                                                                                       Check the church website for more news                            

 Also circuit website  Circuit services are under Reflections

If you have any news to share,  items for the Web site, people you’d like us to pray for or anything else please contact Maureen Jeavons      phone 0121 550 7992 or Eileen Adams (see above)

                                                      HALESOWEN IN BLOOM                                                                                                   We have heard from Halesowen in bloom. A message for those of you who have been making knitted or material chains to be put round Halesowen to symbolise that as a community we have got through it. None of us expected this to carry on as long as it has. The committee have thought it best if we keep the chains till next year. In that way they can be put up at beginning of the summer and keep much nicer than being out now and through the winter. If you haven't knitted any then you have time.

 Pattern is size 9 pins cast on 30 sts then garter stitch 8 or 9 rows cast off and join as you would paper chains. any colours and oddments of wool as long as its DK  

For your information the poppies are coming down to be washed and refreshed then they will be sewn onto a piece of net drape at war memorial area for remembrance. You will also be pleased to know the troughs in Halesowen are being filled for winter. 

God bless to you all in our churches together in Halesowen. Could you please make sure your congregations have this information.   

Love Susan Cresswell 


Please note that the Breast Cancer Coffee Morning which was planned for October 10th at Short Cross has been cancelled.

 Answers to last weeks quiz:

1, Red Kite (Lev 11:14) 6. Vulture (Ps 102: 6)

2. Osprey (Lev 11: 18) 7. Sparrow (Matt 10:2)

3. Ostrich (Job 39: 13) 8. Raven (1 Kings 17:6)

4. Partridge (1 Sam 26: 20) 9. Pigeon (Gen15:9)

5. Eagle (Lev 11: 13) 10. Cormorant (Lev 11: 17)


  1. Who was the father of Absalom?  D_ _ _ _                                                                                                                            2. Which  prophet was a shepherd from Tekoa in Judah?  A _ _ _                                                                                            3. Who did Ruth marry after the death of her first husband?   B _ _ _                                                                                      4. Who was the prophet who succeeded Elijah?  E _ _ _ _ _                                                                                                    5. Who was the Jewish exile who was chosen by King Xerxes of Persia to be his queen?  E _ _ _ _ _                                    6. Who was the son of Hannah who was dedicated to the service of God with the priest Eli?  S _ _ _ _ _                              7. Who led the Israelites across the Jordan after the death of Moses and renewed the covenant with God at Shechem?  J_      8. Who was the sister of Moses and Aaron?    M _ _ _ _ _                                                                                                        9. Who was Abraham’s first wife?    S _ _ _ _                                                                                                                         10. Whose death in battle was engineered by David so David could have  his wife?   U _ _ _ _


For all those who have been anxious this week as schools and colleges have been re-opening:                                  Headmaster: Good morning – how can I help you?                                                                                                                                        Parent: I understand  that if I’m worried about my son I can still keep him at home and he can do his lesson from here Headmaster: Well, yes, that’s strictly true but we are trying to get everyone back in school as soon as possible.        Parent: I do know that but I’m very concerned that he’ll get Covid and I really do want to keep him at home Headmaster:  Well, if you’re sure that’s in his best interests…                                                                                                                    Parent:  Yes I’m very worried about him.                                                                                                                                                Headmaster: Very well. Can you please give me your son’s name?                                                                                                      Parent:  Yes, it’s Richard West and he teaches Year 6 !

God bless you all                                                                                                                                                                                                              Maureen x

                                                                  Stay Joyful

                                                       Keep the Faith

                                                                             Do the Little Things